Clean Up

Hello and welcome. I am happy you are considering me for your needs in cleaning up your accounting books. There is a big difference from daily accounting (listed on my website as Full Service Accounting) and cleaning up messy accounting books. There is a lot more work to straightening out books that have been done wrong, or left undone. This takes patience, knowledge and research.

A few examples of things that can be wrong in accounting books: Expenses coded to the wrong account; deposits in your bank not connected to invoices in your books; transactions in the bank feed have been added instead of matched to a bill or invoice, thus creating a duplicate transaction; or your books have not been done for a few months.

When things go wrong in your accounting books, you need someone with the experience and knowledge to fix them. With over 23 years bookkeeping experience, I am sure I can clean up your bookkeeping to your satisfaction. I have experience in working on books for small businesses, non-profits, proprietors, corporations, and organizations that have specific needs, like churches.

Please click on the Contact Me button below and tell me your  accounting needs. Clean up of accounting books is different than Full Service Bookkeeping.