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Old Habits Die Hard, But You Can Kill Them!

3 Tips to create good habits

Habits can be good or bad. Often, taking our bad habits and replacing them with good ones can be difficult. The good news is, its not impossible!

Here are 3 Tips to help you replace bad habits with good ones.

1. Start Small. Making small changes ensures you are more likely to keep with the new habit. Don't start off by trying to change a large bad habit into a good one. Start small to help ensure success. Example: If you want to stop drinking coffee and you a huge coffee drinker (like me), trying to cut out coffee completely will most likely not work. Try cutting back your coffee consumption by 1 drink at a time till you are comfortable with your consumption, then cut back another cup. Before you know it, you will be down to 1 cup a coffee a day, or none. (Yes, I drink multiple cups of coffee a day, don't judge me!)

2. Be Consistent. Experts say it takes 21 days to make a habit stick, so make sure you "stick" with being consistent. Consistency and repatition is important in creating a new habit (hopefully a good one). There are tools that can help, use them. I often set the alarm on my phone to remind me to do things. After a while of doing something daily, I no longer need the reminder, it becomes a habit. (Remember, you can try different tools to help you. What works for once person, may not work for another. Don't give up.)

3. One Habit At A Time. Creating one good habit at a time gives you the ability to really focus on making the change you want to. Overwhelming yourself by trying to change several habits at once, will keep you from being laser focused and most likely help you to fail. Overwhelm is never a good thing and let's face it, changing anything about ourselves isn't easy. It's like learning to walk, we need to crawl before we walk. Then we need to learn to put one foot in front of the other, one step at a time. Taking that first step is vital and will put you on the path to success.

So go ahead, pick something small you want to change or improve on in your business and make it happen by making it a positive habit!

Here's To Your Success!

Rebecca Hurt

RH Business Solutions

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